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Stainless steel mesh doors and windows are the leading option for most applications.

  • Comes in two main security level options- Barrier/ Screen doors and window screens & ShieldSafe security doors and window screens. Both options share:
    • Worry and hassle free- no mesh to replace, the mesh is the security and the insect prevention
    • Children and pet proof
    • Cannot be cut with a knife
    • No large gaps or openings for intruders to put their hands through
    • Come standard with triple hinges
    • Built with a mesh retention system that prevents galvanic corrosion and holds the mesh on all sides


  • ShieldSafe security doors and window screens come with these extra features:
    • Manufactured to AS5039/41 Australian Standards*
    • Come standard with triple locks
    • Come with special crimped corners if door is square or multi screwed corners if necessary to build door out of square
    • NSSA Compliance Stickers


  • Bushfire rated & Fire Attenuation screens available- Please specify when requesting a quote


  • *While barrier doors are not marked as having passed Australian Standards they are built to a very high level of quality and are a popular choice for sliding doors or laundry doors where there is a lower level of risk of break-ins.


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Submit a Quote Form now to organise a free measure and quote