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We offer a wide range of window blinds that fits your preference for your sweet home. Our products cover roller blinds, vertical blinds, dual roller blinds, and venetian blinds. These are ideal for keeping out sunlight, providing privacy, or just complementing your home decor. We are here to assist you. Please call us now for a blind online quote.

If you have accurate measurements of your window, we can custom-make blinds to suit your situation. Browse our window blinds online.

About Window Blinds

Blinds are such a simple yet useful idea. In all their variations a blind can be opened to let a window function as a window and let the light in. Or it can be closed to block the light and provide privacy.

Roller window blinds consist of a flat sheet of cloth or plastic that covers the window. This sheet can be retracted and rolled up at the top of the window frame. So the window can be covered, uncovered, or partially covered with a simple-to-operate roller blind. Roller blinds, being so simple, can be made in a variety of colours and patterns. So there are a lot of opportunities to complement the decor with a matching style of window blind.

Venetian window blinds use a series of horizontal slats that can be tilted in order to open and close the blind. This has been a popular design for many generations, partly because the slats can be tilted upwards. This allows light in while still providing privacy. Venetian blinds can be operated by cords, a rotating rod, or an electric motor.

Vertical Blinds are the most conventional blinds for controlling the amount of light accessing your privacy. It can easily be handled by everyone of all ages through a practical operation. They bring out the simple originalities of blinds suitable for all purposes.

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